A Short History of Women in the Workplace and Gender Discrimination

While the recorded history of women in Western society working in the home goes back several millennia, the history of women in the workplace is a relatively recent phenomenon.

How Much Disparity Exists for Women in Management Positions?

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the percentage of women in the workplace is highest among entry level positions (mid 40%). However, as the seniority of the jobs increase — from entry level, to manager, to senior manager/director, to vice president, to senior vice president to the C-Suite — the corresponding percentage of women in those positions decreases in a nearly straight line. Women represent less than 20% of the top C-Suite executive positions.

Why Aren’t There More Women in Upper Management Leadership Positions? Is It Due to Gender Discrimination Alone?

There are many possible reasons why women are less likely to be in senior management roles. Here are three to think about:

1. Are There Enough Women in the Career Pipeline to Fill Future Executive Roles?

One line of reasoning is that the ability of any woman candidate to rise to a top position, such as CEO or corporate board member, is dependent upon having as large a number of female candidates moving up the same career ladder pipeline as male candidates.

2. Do Disparities Between the Type of Degrees Earned by Men and Women Make a Difference?

The relative percentage of MBA graduates and managers doesn’t tell the whole story, however. By other measures, there are even greater differences between men and women, starting as early as high school.

3. Are Men Preferentially Selected for Positions That Lead to Senior Management?

Another concern for women advancing to higher levels of management is the apparent tendency for female job candidates to be diverted away from jobs with profit-and-loss (P&L) responsibility in favor of management roles in human resources and investor relations departments. While these roles are important, they are less likely to serve as stepping stones to top level C-Suite positions (compared to candidates who have P&L responsibilities on their resume), giving male candidates a leg up in the career pipeline.

Why We Need More Women in Management Roles

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