Why Do Universities Leading In Research, Architecture, and Design Need Custom Furniture?

Advances In Creating New Blood Vessels At Texas A&M

The New Building Features:

Formaspace laboratory furniture installation at the Texas A&M Zachry Engineering Education Complex

Designing A Custom Solution For Gund Hall At Harvard University’s Graduate School Of Design

Formaspace built over 400 workspaces at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design as part of a refurbishment of Gund Hall, which originally opened in 1972.

New Directions At Cornell University’s College Of Architecture, Art And Planning

The University Of Texas At Dallas Uncovers The Strength Of Miniature Semiconducting Crystals — And How To Keep Them Cool

The University of Texas at Dallas upgraded this laboratory learning environment with Formaspace Benchmarx workbenches, which are kitted out with LED laboratory magnifying lamps, solid maple tops, and textured white frames.

“We have been working on this research for the last three years, and now have gotten the thermal conductivity up to about 1,000 watts per meter-kelvin, which is second only to diamond in bulk materials,” said Bing Lv (pronounced “love”), Assistant Professor of Physics in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at UT Dallas.

Turn To Formaspace For Innovative Education Solutions To Enhance Your Classrooms, Laboratories, And Makerspaces



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