Why Architects & Commercial Interior Designers Need to Specify Custom Workbenches for Labs and Industrial Facilities

Only Custom Furniture Solutions Can Meet Your Unique Needs And Requirements

1. Custom Furniture Makes More Efficient Use Of Your Existing Square Footage.

Shown above are two examples of custom furniture that Formaspace built for Dell Computer: a moveable “Condo Rack” that provides technicians with quick and safe access to four prototype servers (stored vertically) as well as a “Moving Shelf Bench” that keeps delicate, expensive Oscilloscopes in an overhead position when not in use.

2. Custom Furniture Workflows Make Your Facility More Productive.

Shown above is a custom packing station that Formaspace designed for the largest distribution center in the United States that runs a three-shift operation. The workbench features a custom scale cut-out and infinitely adjustable upper and lower shelf storage modules. A matching sister bench is designed to host the robotic picking unit.

3. Custom Furniture Helps Create A Safer Workplace For Your Workers.

Used by calibration technicians at a Fortune 50 computer manufacturer, these custom furniture units allow technicians to service equipment then easily transport it away to the next processing step.

4. Custom Furniture Offers Better Ergonomics For Increased Employee Wellbeing.

Shown above are custom workbenches Formaspace built for a titration lab. Custom cutouts allow for neat, organized waste disposal lines at the back of the workstation, yet the entire work surface can be raised or lowered as desired for maximum employee comfort.

5. Custom Furniture Is More Sustainable, Which Protects Your Investment For Years To Come.

Our custom lab furniture helped the DNA sequencing company Ariosa grow the number of prenatal DNA tests performed annually by more than 1,000%. Today, the company is part of the Roche pharmaceutical company family, serving expectant parents and pediatricians under the Harmony® Prenatal Test brand name.

What’s The 4D Process For Creating Your Next Custom Furniture Project With Formaspace?








Digital Marketing Manager at Formaspace.com

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Mehmet Atesoglu

Mehmet Atesoglu

Digital Marketing Manager at Formaspace.com

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