Which Industries Will Grow the Fastest in 2021?

CEO Confidence Highest Since 2004

formaspace CEO Jeff Turk
Formaspace CEO Jeff Turk shares the optimism felt by other corporate executives. “The speed and policymaking precision with which the Biden administration is taking action on those promises is impressive. It certainly reflects decades of experience in federal government. We haven’t had a President with this level of federal policymaking experience ever in my lifetime,” says Turk. “On the other hand, I wish we could get relief on steel tariffs, as they drove up the price of all steel products, including the domestic steel we use. This has probably had the most direct negative impact on Formaspace of any policy decision made over the past four years.”

Wall Street And Venture Capital Investors Anticipate High Growth Across The Board In 2021

Can The Recent Gains In The Stock Market Help Us Identify Which Industries Will Grow The Most In 2021?

Industries That Could Benefit From Government Stimulus Spending And Investments In Infrastructure And Green Technologies

· AEC Market (Architect, Engineering, Construction) Industry

traditional drafting table with modern ergonomic features
Formaspace manufacture custom furniture at its Austin factory headquarters. Shown above is a traditional drafting table with modern ergonomic features, such as full-height adjustment to reduce neck and back pain, as well as a large backlit worksurface that helps users make detailed revisions to large-scale drawings.

· Healthcare

· Education

· Research And Development

· Manufacturing Industry

Need extra weight carrying capacity? Formaspace has you covered. The heavy-duty six-leg workbench above includes extra gussets welded into the 14 gauge steel to support heavy loads on the bench.

· Green Energy Technology

· Smart Grid Technology, Including EV Charging And Broadband Access

The “Wildcard” Factors That Could Change The Fate Of Industries In 2021

· Tax Increases

· Inflation

· Manufacturing And Supply Chain Disruptions

· Trade Wars

· Anti-Trust Actions



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