Reduce Material Handling Costs: Ergonomics to the Rescue!

  1. Overexertion involving an outside source
  2. Falls to the same level
  3. Roadway incidents
  4. Other exertions or bodily reactions
  5. Falls to a lower level

1. Take A Look At Your Material Handling Workflow, Is It Really Efficient?

  • Check if the area is well-lit, organized, clean, and tidy to help reduce slips, trips, and falls. If not, implement the Japanese 5 S process at your facility.
  • If the packer needs to access multiple containers to complete an order, containers are not arriving in the correct sequential order.
  • If you observe the packer walking away from the shipping station to find an item, something is wrong in the staging process.
  • Are your packers shipping large cartons filled with very few items? That could drive up storage and transportation costs considerably.
  • What about fixing packing errors? Create an error correction sequence plan. Allocate enough physical space at the packing station for reboxing.

2. Can Your Packing And Shipping Workers Reach Everything They Need For Material Handling Quickly And Efficiently?

  • Equipment and Automation Tools: Scanner, keyboard, tape shooters, gluers, fill systems, and dunnage dispensers.
  • Packing Supplies: Envelopes, bags, boxes, labels, pens and markers, void fill material supplies, etc.
  • Reference Materials: Training materials, reference charts, instructions, signs, charts, etc.
  • Personal Items: Personal Protective Gear (PPG), jackets, purses, etc.

3. Are Your Material Handling Workers Having To Bend Over, Stretch At Odd Angles, Or Lift Heavy Objects?

Formaspace Can Manufacture A Wide Range Of Solutions For Moving Heavy Objects. Shown Above Left Is A Solution With Rollers Integrated Directly Into The Work Surface. Roller Balls Are Another Excellent Ergonomic Solution (Shown Above Left); These Allow Workers To Easily Move Heavy Items In Multiple Directions.

4. Do You Have Material Handling Employees Of Different Heights And Sizes?

5. Are Your Material Handling Setups Flexible Enough To Meet New Challenges, Yet Also Built To Last?



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