How to Create New Cryptocurrency

Dedicated Bitcoin Mining Operations Are A Lucrative Yet Energy Intensive Industry

With Bitcoins currently trading somewhere between $57,000 and $64,000, there is a big financial incentive for potential “miners” to jump in and try their hand at earning Bitcoins.

Mining A New Bitcoin Is A Matter Of Luck, But Luck Favors The Powerful Computing Systems

But high energy bills are not the only big expense for Bitcoin mining operators.

tech lab furniture for electronics repair maintenance facility
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u-shaped workbench
Want to make better use of the available space in your IT department? Talk to your Formaspace Design Consultant for ideas on how to maximize productivity with custom workbenches such as the full-width, U-shaped installation shown above, built to order at our Austin, Texas, factory headquarters.

Why Does Bitcoin Use Mining Operations To Create New Coins?

Let’s back up and ask the big picture question. Why does Bitcoin use the mining operations in the first place?

How Creating A New Block In The Bitcoin Blockchain Releases New Coins To The Winner

To see how this works in practice, let’s walk through an individual Bitcoin transaction.



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