How AR/VR Technology is Revolutionizing Employee Safety Training

Top Advantages Of Using AR And VR Applications In Employee Safety Training

More Engaging Than Traditional Training: Interactive sessions provide higher levels of employee engagement and learning retention than reading safety manuals, or passively listening to PowerPoint lectures.

*A Good Example Of A VR-Based Safety Training Is This Interactive Scenario That Provides Aircraft Tug Operator Trainees “Real-World, On-The-Job Skills” Without Risking Damage To Multi-Million Dollar Passenger Aircraft.

What’s The Difference Between Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)?

First, a quick work on definitions. In classic AR applications, users hold up a phone or tablet screen with a live camera image upon which computer-generated image overlays are matched to the view. (Think of chasing Pokémon characters or adding cat ears and whiskers to a friend’s face on Snapchat.)

AR / VR Simulations Help Employees Learn To Identify Unsafe Conditions That Violate OSHA Safety Rules

If you took a quick safety inspection spot check tour through your facility today, would you find one of OSHA’s top ten most commonly cited violations?

  1. Respiratory Protection.
  2. Woodworking machinery requirements.
  3. Hazard Communication.

3M Using VR Training To Prevent Trips And Falls At Work

The accident statistics from the 2018 edition of Liberty Mutual’s Workplace Safety Index are pretty sobering: businesses expend more than $1 billion a week on serious, nonfatal workplace injuries.

  1. Overexertion involving outside sources, e.g. injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, or throwing: $13.7 billion in losses annually.
  2. Falls on the same level, such as slipping on a wet floor: $11.2 billion in losses annually.
  3. Falls to a lower level, such as from a ladder or platform: $5.9 billion in losses annually.

Preventing Accidents In Construction And Road Building With Immersive VR Safety Training

While preventing falls is a major concern in the construction industry, it’s not the only one.

VR-AR Safety Training For Chemical Processing Plants And Oil Refining Operations

VR and AR safety training has found a home at leading energy and chemical companies as well.

Preparing For An Active Shooter Situation At Work Using AR-VR Training Scenarios

In our final example, we address what may be one of the most pressing safety concerns for industrial facilities: preparing for and surviving an active shooter scenario.



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