Freight Forwarding Logistics Trends in 2021

logistics trends 2021

1. Covid Vaccine Efforts Shine A Positive Spotlight On Cold Chain Logistics

Public awareness of the supply chain logistics industry has reached an all-time high during the Coronavirus pandemic as consumers stewed over supply shortages — from critically low inventories of masks (and other PPE) to toilet paper and household cleaning products.

2. ECommerce Boom Under Threat Of Stalling Out Due To Package Delivery Troubles

While vaccine deliveries remain a bright spot in the logistics market (for now, at least), there is major trouble brewing in the package delivery market.

custom designed packing shipping station
Formaspace manufactured these custom packing workstations with built-in flow racks to improve the efficiency of this large-scale shipping facility.

3. Cost Of Overseas Container Shipments Will Continue To Rise Dramatically

Overseas container shipping has suddenly snapped back from the record low demand levels of 2020.

4. Intermodal Chaos At West Coast Ports And High Spot Prices For LTL Truck Shipments

The sudden resurgence of container shipments from Asia landing at US ports (especially in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach) has created logistical chaos that has slowed down intermodal shipping by truck and rail across the nation.

5. Crowded Airports Struggle To Cope With Overnight Air Cargo Shipping Demands

Air cargo also hit a record low in 2020, with the worst performance since monitoring began in 1990.



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