Fastest Growing Industries in USA during the Pandemic

Big Tech Gets Bigger As Sales Skyrocket At Amazon And Walmart

What do we do when we’re locked down at home during the pandemic?

Formaspace manufactured these custom packing stations for one of the largest distribution centers in the US. They feature a custom scale cut-out and infinitely adjustable upper and lower shelf storage. The sister bench is designed to host the robotic picking unit.
Need an innovative custom solution for your material handling needs? Formaspace collaborated with a major e-tailer to create a “robot roadway” system to allow robot pickers to traverse the fulfillment center without interfering with human foot traffic.

Consumer Taste In Travel And Recreation Takes An Outdoorsy Turn

With Canada and most of Europe saying no to entry by American tourists, the Great American vacation has become a domestic affair in 2020.

Home Construction Booms As Consumers Seek Real Estate In Suburban And Rural Enclaves

Covid-19 hit the NYC region hard early in the pandemic, and we’re now getting a better picture of its impact on the real estate market as New Yorkers move out in increasing numbers to rural vacation areas (such as the Catskills, which is seeing a real estate boom) or to southern states, such as Florida and Texas.

Formaspace also builds custom outdoor furniture to meet the needs of companies and educational institutions who want to move meetings and classroom sessions outdoors.

Consumption Of Food And Beverage At Home Drives Grocery Store And Take Out Delivery Sales Boom

The pandemic has also rocked the food distribution industry to its very core.



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