Create a Culture of Lab Safety: Interview with Dr. James Kaufman of The Laboratory Safety Institute

Two Accidents In The First Month Of A Career As A Professional Chemist

university lab workbench
Formaspace manufactured this Benchmarx™ for a university lab in California; it features a black epoxy sink and countertop and two phenolic resin upper shelves.

The Laboratory Safety Institute Offers A Vast Range Of Safety Resources, Many Of Them Free Or Available At Low Cost.

Safety Resources For K-12, Higher Education, Commercial, Or Non-Profit Laboratories

Online Classes With Certificates And Continuing Education Credits

Online Safety Seminars

Virtual On-Site Lab Facility Audits/Evaluations

Safety Documents Reviews And Evaluations


Expert Witness Services

How Can We Learn From The Lab Accident Mistakes Of The Past, Or Are We Destined To Repeat Them?



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