5 Core Concepts to Operate a Museum

1. The Conservation Department

Conserving a portrait of King Edward VI

Common Design Elements For Museum Conservation Laboratories

2. The Documentation Department

3. The Research Department

In The Video From The British Museum In London Above, Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Is Used To Uncover The Dyeing Process Used To Add Color To The Fragile Fibers Of An Embroidery Dating Back To The Tang Dynasty (618–907 CE)

4. Exhibition Department

Conservator Zahira Veliz Steps Us Through The Slow, Painstaking Process Of Mounting An Exhibition With Priceless Works Art From The Prado Museum. Note The Careful Process Of Unpacking And Hanging The Paintings; All The Work Surfaces Are Thickly Padded To Protect The Art.

5. Educational And Information Services Departments



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