10 Key Furniture Manufacturing Trends for 2021

Trend 1: Office Furniture Sales Shift Away From Traditional Office Lines To Meet Demand For Work From Home (WFH) And Residential-Oriented Products

The Coronavirus pandemic hit the $12.5 billion office furniture business especially hard in the past year as many office customers shut their doors in favor of allowing their employees to Work from Home (WFH).

mid-century modern inspired residential tables
Shown above is a sneak peek of a new mid-century modern inspired line of residential tables coming soon from Formaspace.

Trend 2: E-Commerce Sales Take Off As Augmented Reality And Visualization Tools Assist In Furniture Product Personalization And Purchasing Decision

According to Statistica, e-commerce revenue will reach $2.7 trillion in 2021, with the average user spending just over $700 annually.

online tool to visualize furniture 3D
Formaspace offers customers a free online configuration tool that allows users to visualize detailed configuration options in 3D when making purchasing decisions.
furniture personalization formaspace
Shown above are the personalization options available for the Brazos St. collaboration table from Formaspace. Users can use the online configuration tool to evaluate hardwood or laminate worksurface options as well as the surface finish treatments and color options for the base.

Trend 3: Race To Renovate And Update Office Furnishings And Layouts To Make Working In The Office More Attractive To Employees

The success of Coronavirus vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer in preventing serious illness (as well as inhibiting the spread of the virus by those who have been vaccinated) is leading many business executives to draw up plans for workers to once again return to the office.



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